Image by Vienna Wedekind

Even though 2020 could not have been further from our expectations, trends are still here to save the day -or year. Certainly, many of use will only be able to rock the cutest Fall and Winter coats when we pay a quick visit to the grocery store or in a fun insta-worthy indoor photoshoot with our best friend, still, the 2020 jacket trends are hard to ignore. Mostly because jackets, coats, and blazers are so easy to style in many different ways, adding some new pieces to your wardrobe is never a choice you can regret. Pair them up with your favorite hoodies and leggings during autumn, or layer them on top of your trusted turtlenecks and sweaters for the ultimate snuggle look. Not a big fan of seasonal trends? Fear, not my friend, there are some great all-time classic jackets in the list to wear for many seasons to come.

Our favorite 2020 jacket trends are not only a great way to cozy up in, but they are also flattering and super cute. These trusted styles can guarantee to fit your pre-existing wardrobe like a glove and get plenty of use throughout the season- and the next one. After all, jackets are your best friends when it comes to layering and this is especially the case for the fall trends listed below. Since we all have plenty of time to spare these days, don't miss the chance to bring your imagination to the front and start putting together your outfits right now. Maybe take a few quick outfit snaps to keep a virtual diary of all the potential combos you can wear as soon as the temperature cools down even more.

To help you boost your styling creativity, we gathered some of the best ways to wear the 2020 jacket/coat trends without looking like an amateur and of course, some great shopping suggesting that won't break the bank. Yes, we too would love nothing more than to attend every event this autumn wearing our newly purchased outfits, but for the present time, let's all gather some much-needed inspo for our few outdoor activities with friends to get our minds off the current situation for a bit. Ohh quick note, all these styles are under $100!

The classic tailored blazer for every occasion 

Make a ton of different outfit combinations with this simple, yet stylish blazer for this season. Pair it up with a classic, long-sleeve turtleneck in neutral tones, an embellished sweater - a huge trend for A/W 2020- or wear it on top of a  monochromatic hoodie for the street style expert vibe.

Leather moto jacket

Leather is one of the key trends for 2020 including, of course, the super versatile vegan leather jacket that can always steal the spotlight.  Feeling adventurous? Maybe combine the second trend as well, like tie-dye for the perfect street style look of the season.

All things plaid

We have seen plaid making a comeback almost every season. This time is all about check as well. Fortunately plaid comes in every style of clothing -dresses, tops, shirts- but during Autumn and Winter, a trusted coat will take you a long way. Take advantage of all the seasonal color combinations and maybe pair up your favorite plaid blazer with matching trousers and voila!


We surely missed wearing our corduroy jackets and trousers, but worry not! This year they are very back on-trend. Prepare to see some gorgeous trousers, skirt, and jacket styles with that distinctive fabric. This trend is known for being versatile and easy to wear, so don't be afraid to go all-in with your favorite graphic tees, turtlenecks, and hoodies.