Huge brands have a history of suppressing small businesses mainly due to heavy social media advertising, their ability to offer very competitive prices, and sometimes blatantly unethical selling/production practices. For example, the biggest boycott campaign against the fast-fashion brand Dolls Kill which raised quite a few issues of injustice, including but not limited to cultural appropriation and stealing allegations. With the rise of the "black lives matter" movement many brands get called out daily for their lack of diversity or obvious racism towards models and clients alike. No matter your opinion on the subject, today's racial wealth gap and lack of representation in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment word are sadly undauntable. 

So why do you need to support black-owned businesses? 

Image By Nakimuli

Many African American business owners are focused on celebrating and promoting African American culture through fashion, skincare, and makeup. Many times these businesses are based solely on the needs of the black community like Shea Moisture, founded in 1991 by Richelieu Dennis, which still floods the natural hair care selves two decades later. With that being said, not all black-owned brands cater to black customers. You can support small, independent fashion brands like Lavenders Jungle and Eleven60, to get the latest trends ethically produced by fellow women entrepreneurs. Giving African Americans the chance to prove themselves in the industry is much more than getting a few extra hundreds of dollars. It's a way to cherish the work of the people who have been oppressed and shout out for centuries. 

Having that in mind, today we carefully curated a list of the best Black-owned, plus size fashion brands you need to know. These brands constantly fight the big battle against masive corporations and even though they don't bring millions of dollars to the bank each year, they still maintain their creativity and ethos while steadily growing their businesses. 

Zelie For She
Image by Zalie For She

Zelie For She is a celebration of women's empowerment, diversity, authenticity, and individuality. Elann Zelie's limited designs run in sizes from XL to 3XL and are super affordable. For example, the "Easy Living set" is available for only $79.

Image by Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

Founded in 2006 by Kenyatta C. Jones, Bella Rene aims to change how the fashion industry views plus size women to this day. Her designs have been worn by celebrities and everyday women alike, giving each and every one of them the chance to feel beautiful and chic through her beautiful designs and flattering shapes.

Image By Rene Tyler

Yet another affordable but beautifully crafted collection was delivered to us by Rene Tyler. Her sizes run from 12 and above with each individual piece designed by her. The brand was featured in LA Fashion Week in 2013, 2016, and 2018 making it the only plus-size boutique on the Las Vegas Strip.

Image by Mr-Mag

We haven't seen many Black-Owned, plus-size menswear brands featured so this one might just be the best. Founded in 2016, MPV Collections caters to big and tall men offering high-quality styles in sizes from 1XL to 4XLT! Most importantly, every piece is designed and produced in the US.

Image By Nakimuli

Tennille McMillan founded the brand in 2009 with the sole purpose to create fashion-forward garments for women that don's want to "fit in". The beautiful fabric designs and the splashes of vibrant colors throughout her shop website indicate exactly her sense of style and creativity.