The iconic skater shoe that took the skateboarding and punk rock world by storm in the '90s is still at the top of the "best sneakers" list to this day. But how exactly Vans became so popular? Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren launched "House of Vans", one of the most universally loved shoe brands of all time, in March of 1966. Nearly one decade later the Vans "off the wall" logo was born and quickly became one of the most recognizable symbols in the world of skateboarding. During the next 3 years, the brand managed to launched three of the top-selling styles to date, Era, Old Skool, sk8-hi, and everyone's favorite slip-on.
 It's the year of 2004 when Vans makes yet another innovative decision. By visiting their website you could now choose hundreds of different colors and combinations to make your own, custom Slip ons and Old Skools. From then on, many special collections get released including but not limited to Vans x Simpsons, Metallica, Disney, The Beatles, and Harry Potter. As loyal Vans lovers ourselves, we are proud to say that we own most of these styles and have more than a few carefully curated recommendations for you. With no further ado, these are the most popular Vans shoes of all times that can easily be worn with almost every outfit to this day. 

The Old-Skool classic
You can't name a more iconic Vans style than the Old-School. This was the first pair that featured the distinctive side stripe trend we all know and love to this day. The exterior sole, along with the waffle bottom design gave skaters all the durability and comfort they so desperately needed in the '90s. Also known as "style 36", it first appeared in 3 different colors and incorporated leather panels, which was an innovation for the year of 1977.
Vans Sk8-Hi
If you are in love with Vans and already own a few pairs of Old-Skool classics, this one might be just for you. Sadly we don't see street style looks that feature Sk8-His that often, partially because they are high top or not that popular amongst women. This is where it gets good. These high top sneaker is the most tear-proof of them all and can be found in 31 different designs. "Style 38" firstly appeared in the '70s and quickly became a favorite since it offers ankle protection and very solid construction.
Vans Era
"Authentic" was the first-ever shoe produced by Vans and quickly gained a cult following. "Style 95", commonly known as Era, designed in1976, shares a few similarities to its iconic predecessor. It was designed strictly for the world of skateboarding with padded collar for extra comfort and in a ton of different color combinations. This unisex shoes never went out of style. It is universally loved for its flattering shape and for how easy it is to style it up or down daily.

Old Skool, Sk8-Hi and Era images by SkateDistrict